LeCroy Oscilloscope Module USB 2.0 Decode WS10-USB2BUS D, For Use With WS10 Series

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  • Fabrikantnummer WS10-USB2BUS D
  • Fabrikant LeCroy
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Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 10 Bus Decode Option WS10-USB2BUS D

WS10-USB2BUS D provides comprehensive USB1.1x and 2.0 (low, full and high speed) protocol triggering using a true hardware protocol trigger for highly efficient debug. The USB 1.x/2.0 trigger and decoder is the ideal tool for powerful system level protocol debug as well as problem solving for signal quality issues. The trigger provides for a wide variety of powerful trigger features, including TransactionPacket, OR'ed Packet, and comprehensive Bus Event and Protocol Error triggering. The USB 1.x/2.0 decode simplifies observation of bus traffic for more efficient debug. Full support is provided for triggering on any type of packet, even user-defined packets, with complete flexibility for address, endpoint, split type, hub, port, etc. Users can trigger on specific Data payloads, in specific locations, or on any three Packets in a single trigger condition. A USB Transaction trigger can be created with any allowed combination of Token, Data, Handshake, and User-Defined packets (such advanced capability is usually only found in a dedicated protocol analyzer). USB 1.x/2.0 decode uses colour-coded overlays on various sections of the protocol for an easy-to-understand visual display. Depending on the time base or the amount of zoom, the decode information is condensed or expanded to better assist in understanding events during short or long acquisitions. The USB 1.x/2.0 decode solution concentrates all user information in one place. Viewing the application layer of USB signals on top of the physical layer provides a unique view that bus analyzers cannot.

True hardware protocol triggering for efficient debug
Trigger on USB Packet (Token, Data, Handshake, User-Defined) with complete setup flexibility
Trigger on any of three 'OR'ed' packets
Transaction triggering
Comprehensive Protocol Error and Bus Event triggering
Decodes Low-speed (1.5 Mb/s), Full-speed (12 Mb/s) and High-speed (480 Mb/s) USB bus speeds
Correlate analog waveforms with protocol decode on one screen
Decode information expands as the timebase is adjusted or zoomed
Convenient table display with quick 'zoom to byte' capability
Quick search capability for specific message packets

LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

Kenmerk Waarde
Module Type USB 2.0 Decode
For Use With WS10 Series
Model Number p WS10-USB2BUS D
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