500-002 PCB Etcher

Wetgeving en compliance
Land van herkomst: GB

PCB Preparation Single Tanks - Process, Wash or Etch

Mega Electronics PCB etching tank with thermostat controlled heater and pump which forces air through two bubble bars to provide efficient and even etching. PCBs are safely and tidily lowered into the tank using the lid basket and are then drained and lifted from the tank when worked. The tank is designed to provide a high degree of safety to users, having splash proof controls and a syphon pump to safely empty the tank and avoid spillages.

Recommended chemistry:
Heated process: Developer 690-849; Tin Plating 567-812
Bubble Etch: Fine Etch Crystals 363-6573 or Ferric Pellets 367-0056

Supplied with

PCB board holder with retaining clips. Heated Process & Bubble Etch Tanks also include an IEC mains lead and siphon for emptying

PCB Development Equipment

These Processing Tanks comprise of a number of different versions to enable the following complete 7-stage production process to be undertaken:,1. Develop, 2. Wash, 3. Etch, 4. Wash, 5. Resist Strip, 6. Wash, 7. Chemical Tin.

Kenmerk Waarde
Number of Tanks 1
Tank Types Included Washing
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