PIN-UDT-455 OSI Optoelectronics, Infrared Photodetector Amplifier, Through Hole TO-5 package

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OSI Photops Photodiode-Amplifier Hybrids

The Photops series, from OSI Optoelectronics, are photodiode-amplifier hybrids. They combine an operational amplifier within the same package. Their integrated package ensures a low noise output under a range of operating conditions.
Suitable applications for the Photops series include; general purpose light detection, laser power monitoring, bar code readers, industrial control sensors and guidance systems.

Features of the Photops series:
Detector and amplifier combined
Adjustable gain / bandwidth
Low noise
DIP package
Large active area

Photodiodes, OSI Optoelectronics

Kenmerk Waarde
Spectrums Detected Infrared
Wavelength of Peak Sensitivity 970nm
Peak Photo Sensitivity 0.65A/W
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package Type TO-5
Height 6.6mm
Spectral Range of Sensitivity 200 → 1100 nm, 350 → 1100 nm
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