ABB CM50 PID Temperature Controller, 144 x 76mm, 5 Output Analogue, Digital, Relay, 100 → 240 V ac Supply Voltage

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  • Fabrikantnummer CM50/0S0S0E0/STD
  • Fabrikant ABB
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ControlMaster PID Controller CM50

The ControlMaster CM50 is a flexible, universal 1/8 DIN PID process controller. Detailed process information is presented clearly on the CM50's full-colour TFT display and an intuitive operator interface simplifies configuration and operation. Scalable in both hardware and software functionality, a CM50 can be easily specified to meet the needs of your application requirements. Flexible control functionality including on/off, time proportioning, analogue PID, dual output control and math & logic make the CM50 suitable for a wide range of process applications.

Fully configurable via the easy-to-navigate front panel menus or PC configuration software, the CM50 can be commissioned rapidly and then tuned via the advanced autotune functionality.

Features and Benefits

• Full-colour 9cm (3.5”) user-customisable TFT display
• Intuitive user interface
• Clear text prompts for quick and easy installation and commissioning
• Scalable to match application requirements
• Comprehensive hardware and software options
• Flexible control functionality
• On/Off, time proportioning, analogue PID and motorised valve control strategies
• Flexible functionality including math, logic and totalisation providing power to solve complex application requirements
• IP66 and NEMA 4X environmental protection

The CM50 features 8 Independent process alarms provide analogue signal monitoring to enable the extensive process monitoring functionality. Alarms can be used to drive physical outputs or have the ability to drive soft-wired functions within the controller itself.

Gain scheduling in the CM50 is used to control non-linear processes. The CM50 selects up to 3 different sets of PID parameters ensuring optimum control response regardless of process status.

The autotune capability in the CM50 provides automatic calculation of the PID values after the initial setup and configuration is complete for rapid commissioning of the unit in whatever application.

Split output control configuration of the CM50 allows for controlling both heating and cooling of a single process if required.

Math and logic functions in the CM50 provide arithmetic and equation capabilities such as averaging, mix. and max. hold, square root and signal switching. These functions can be performed in a single math block for simple equations or can be processed across multiple math blocks to construct complex equations. Similar to the Math functionality, the 8 comprehensive logic blocks offer powerful interlock functionality. Logic equations inputs and outputs can be soft-wired to any digital signal in the controller to maximise flexibility.

Other Functionality

• Process alarms
• Basic setpoint switching
• Analogue PID
• On/Off or time proportioning
• Auto tune
• Split output control (Heat Cool)
• Gain scheduling
• Motorised valve control
• Standard setpoint switching
• Output tracking
• Logic
• Math
• Custom linearises
• Delay timers
• Real-time alarms
• Template customisation

I/O Build:

• 2 Analogue inputs
• 1 Analogue output
• 2 Digital I/O
• 2 Relays

Base Templates:

• Single loop
• Single loop with remote setpoint

Standard Templates:

• Auto/Manual station low or digital signal selection
• Analogue backup station low or digital signal selection
• Single or Dual indicator/manual loader

Kenmerk Waarde
Output Type Analogue, Digital, Relay
Supply Voltage 100 → 240 V ac
Size 144 x 76mm
Number of Outputs 5
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Temperature Range -250 → +300 (Type T Thermocouple) °C, -200 → +1300 (Type N Thermocouple) °C, -200 → +600 (Pt100) °C, -100 → +900 (Type E Thermocouple) °C, -100 → +900 (Type J Thermocouple) °C, -100 → +900 (Type L Thermocouple) °C, -100 → 1300 (Type K Thermocouple) °C, -18 → +1700 (Type R Thermocouple) °C, -18 → +1700 (Type S Thermocouple) °C, -18 → +1800 (Type B Thermocouple) °C
Control Type ON/OFF
Display Type LCD, Multi Line, TFT
IP Rating IP66
Range ControlMaster CM50
Display Colour Green, Red, Yellow
Panel Depth 123mm
Series CM50
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