Siemens Counter Modem 24 V dc 71.2 x 80 x 62 mm

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  • Fabrikant Siemens
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EM241 Modem Module

The EM241 Modem Module expands the functionality of the S7-200 Micro PLC into remote communications. It directly connects to the S7-200's Expansion I/O bus eliminating the need to tie up the CPU's communications port. Baud Rates are self-negotiating dependent on Line Quality adjustable between 300 Baud and 33.6 Kbaud (V.34bis). Many country standards are supported by the hardware rotary switches. All other settings are stored in the PLC's variable memory. Pulse or Tone Dialling, together with Call-back and Password Protection functions are all supported.

Four Modes are supported by the Module:
Mode 1 Micro/WIN Programming
Micro/WIN connects to the EM241 modem module allowing access the PLC program. Modem Password and Call-back are supported.
Mode 2 Modbus Master/Slave
When in Modbus Slave mode the module accepts Modbus Commands. When in Modbus Master mode the PLC can initiate Modbus commands.
Mode 3 SMS Messaging and Paging
The EM241 dials a Messaging Service Centre and delivers the message. Depending on the service options, the message may be sent to a Cell phone or a Pager.
Mode 4 CPU-to-CPU Communications
The EM241 modem module calls another EM241 module to establish a CPU-to-CPU connection. Up to 100 words of PLC data can be transferred.
To setup modes 2, 3 and 4 require Micro/WIN programming software version 3.2 or later, stock number 488-6454


  • This product is in obsolescence mode and is due for discontinuation by the manufacturer. We recommend that you review the alternative highlighted by the manufacturer. Alternatively, refer to the cross reference list in the Technical Reference section which highlights the upgrade path for your current generation of products.
Kenmerk Waarde
For Use With S7-200 Series
Module Type Modem
Voltage Category 24 V dc
Length 71.2mm
Width 80mm
Depth 62mm
Dimensions 71.2 x 80 x 62 mm
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