RS PRO Black Epoxy Potting Compound

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RS PRO General Purpose Twin-Syringe Black Epoxy Resin Potting Compound

From RS PRO a high quality good all round easy to apply two-part black epoxy resin potting compound designed for general purpose electronics use. This epoxy potting compound provides a hard coating around your electrical components which offers protection against moisture, contaminants, mechanical shock and vibration. The two components (resin and hardener) that go to make up this potting compound are supplied in a convenient twin-syringe cartridge that is inserted into a dispensing gun. One cartridge contains the epoxy resin and the other the hardener. The contents are mixed together using a mixing nozzle that is attached to the gun. This syringe style cartridge allows the compound to be applied with pinpoint accuracy without any spillage or mess.

What is Epoxy Resin Potting Compound?

This epoxy resin is a type of electronic potting compound used for encasing or encapsulating PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and electronics components. Potting is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with a solid or gelatinous compound. The potting compound, once applied, cured and hardened encases your electronics in a solid mass providing a barrier which provides protection from moisture, vibration, thermal or physical shock and general contamination. The mechanical protection provided by this epoxy compound enables the components to maintain high performance under extreme conditions.

Features and Benefits

• High hardness material
• Mechanical protection against vibration and physical and thermal shock
• Good electrical insulation
• Provides against moisture and contaminants
• Twin-syringe cartridge for accurate application

What is This Epoxy Resin Potting Compound Used For?

This black epoxy resin system is designed to provide protection to electrical components in a general use environment in standard atmospheric conditions. The applications for this cost-effective and versatile compound are diverse and can include PCBs, coils, transformers and other electronic components in military, industrial, automotive and domestic devices.

How do you Apply Epoxy Potting Compound?

Before applying this black epoxy potting compound it is important that any residue or contaminants are removed from the electronic components prior to potting. The electronic assembly is placed inside a mould called ’The pot’. This mould is then filled with the mixed potting compound that hardens and permanently protects the assembly. Circuit boards can also be potted and are often called ’potted’ PCBs. These circuit boards have high walled sides forming an enclosure with the mounted electronic components sitting inside. The potting compound is then poured into this enclosure.


This epoxy potting compound cartridge is designed to be fitted inside a dispensing gun which needs to be purchased separately, please see stock number 503-379

A mixing nozzle is also available, please see stock number 503-385

Potting Compounds

The Potting Compounds are pourable two-part compounds for potting and encapsulating electronic circuits and components. They protect against moisture and corrosion and improve insulation resistance and mechanical strength. They may be cured at room temperature, or oven cured. Use silicone oil aerosol as a mould release agent. Full instructions supplied with each pack.
Suitable disposable polyethylene gloves stock no. 613-3156 are available.

Kenmerk Waarde
Product Material Epoxy
Package Type Dual Cartridge
Package Size 50 ml
Cure Time 12 h
Colour Black
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Odour Amine-Like
Physical Form Epoxy
Chemical Composition Nonylphenol, 2-Piperazin-1-Ylethylamine
Operating Temperature Range -20 → +50 °C
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