3M PELTOR P3EV/2 Visor Mounting Posts

  • RS-stocknr. 506-8887
  • Fabrikantnummer P3EV/2
  • Fabrikant 3M PELTOR
Wetgeving en compliance

Helmet Mounting Posts

Mounting posts to attach multi visors to helmets with side slots. 2 posts per bag.

P3EV/2, 30mm wide (E fitting) visor mounts are required to fit Peltor Multi-Visors to Peltor G3000 Helmets (and other makes where they snap into place). If the visor is to be used in conjunction with the Peltor Optime range of ear defenders, then the P3EV/2 mounts are already supplied and fitted. To determine which type of fitting is supplied with an Optime unit, it is referred to as either P3E or P3G in the mfr's part number code
Z3G Helmet adaptors are the slot fitting back plates with 25mm wide (G fitting) tongue as shown above. They are required to adapt Peltor Multi-Visors and Peltor Optime ear defenders fitted with the P3EV/2 (E fitting) mounts to fit other makes of helmet such as the Protector HC600 range. If an E fitting does not snap into place then the G fitting should be tried. It is essential for the snap fitting to avoid the risk of these accessories becoming dislodged in use. To change the back plates, simply unscrew from the front covers


P3GV/2, 208-6624 has been the standard part for some years and was intended to fit Protector HC45 and Tuffmaster II ranges. However since both are being discontinued by the manufacturer and with the introduction of the Peltor G3000, for which P3E is standard, this item will be withdrawn in due course.

Kenmerk Waarde
Type Visor Mounting Posts
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