6063-T6 Round Aluminium Tube, 1m x 25mm x 25mm OD, 2mm

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RS PRO Aluminium Tubes

Introducing a range of Aluminium Tubing from RS PRO. These are high-quality tubes with high levels of resistance to corrosion and offer great finishing characteristics. They are soft enough to cut with circular saw blades and strong enough to be welded. RS PRO aluminium tubing is available in various forms; Round, Square and Rectangular.

Where would you use them?

Aluminium Tubes have many uses, they are typically found in manufactured furniture, windows frame and stair rails.

Can they be welded?

Yes, aluminium tubes can be welded or brazed.

Features and Benefits

• 6063 Aluminium metal
• T6 Medium strength alloy
• Resistance to corrosion
• Various sizes available
• Round tube, Square tube or Rectangular tube

RS PRO Aluminium Tube Options


• RS Stock no: 136-8754 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 35 mm
• RS Stock no: 136-8755 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 40 mm
• RS Stock no: 304-7973 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 1/2in
• RS Stock no: 304-7989 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 1.5in
• RS Stock no: 304-7995 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 2in
• RS Stock no: 304-8005 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 3/4in
• RS Stock no: 304-8011 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 1in
• RS Stock no: 918-6374 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 10 mm
• RS Stock no: 918-6383 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 20 mm
• RS Stock no: 918-6386 = Length 1m x Outer diameter 25 mm


• RS Stock no: 304-7894 = Length 1m x Width 1/2in, 16SWG
• RS Stock no: 304-7917 = Length 1m x Width 1in, 10SWG
• RS Stock no: 304-7923 = Length 1m x Width 1.5in, 10SWG
• RS Stock no: 304-7939 = Length 1m x Width 2in, 10SWG
• RS Stock no: 304-7945 = Length 1m x Width 3in, 10SWG


• RS Stock no: 304-7951 = Length 1m x Width 2in x Height 1in, 10SWG
• RS Stock no: 304-7967 = Length 1m x Width 4in x Height 2in, 10SWG

Application Information

• Window frames
• Extrusions
• Doors
• Architectural applications


For cutting or welding please use the appropriate personal protection equipment, RS Pro offers a full range of safety equipment such as ear defenders, work gloves and welding masks.


BSEN 754-5-6063T6

Kenmerk Waarde
Tube Form Round
Length 1m
Outer Diameter 25mm
Height 25mm
Thickness 2mm
Material Grade 6063-T6
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