Digi International Xbee Grove Mesh ZigBee Development Kit

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XBee ZigBee Mesh Kit

The ZigBee open standard mesh networking is a powerful way to route wireless data. The ZigBee Mesh Kit uses XBee RF modules for low-data rate and low-power applications. RF data is transferred from node to node, where XBee modules control can extend the range. Information is able to follow alternative paths in the network when a wireless connection is lost. You create reliable device communications, working control systems, and sensing networks with incredible battery life and robust security.

Kit Contents

Three XBee Grove Development Boards
Three XBee ZigBee Modules with PCB antennas
Three Micro USB cables
Two XBee stickers

Kenmerk Waarde
RF Technology ZigBee
Kit Classification Development Kit
Kit Name XBee Grove Mesh
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