MikroElektronika BLE2 click Bluetooth Smart (BLE) mikroBus Click Board for RN4020

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BLE2 click mikroBUS™

The Click accessory modules plug into the MikroBUS sockets in MikroElektronika microcontroller development boards. The BLE2 features an RN4020 module for the development of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) wireless communication systems.

RN4020 Bluetooth 4.1 module with on-board TCP/IP stack
Can act both as a client or a server
Supports 13 public profiles and 17 public services, including the MicroChip Low-energy Data Profile (MLDP)
PCB antenna providing over 30m range
UART serial bus interface
Power supply: +3.3Vdc
Applications: Wireless sensing/control, local communication for the Internet-of-Things (IoT)


Click board comes with the header strips soldered.

Click mikroBUS™ Wireless Communication Boards

MikroElektronika has designed a range of boards to add new functions and enhance the development of your applications using the mikroBUS™ pinout standard socket. All in one click!
Click™ boards can add a range of sensing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, extra memory, UART communications, audio and much more functionality to your designs. Some boards also act as extensions for development platforms such as the Beaglebone, Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi.

Kenmerk Waarde
RF Technology Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
Kit Classification MikroBus Click Board
Featured Device RN4020
Kit Name BLE2 click
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