EnOcean TCM 300 RF Transceiver Module 868 MHz, 2.6 → 4.5V

  • RS-stocknr. 786-3211
  • Fabrikantnummer TCM 300
  • Fabrikant EnOcean
Wetgeving en compliance

Wireless Transceiver modules TCM 300/320

The EnOcean transceiver modules TCM 300 and TCM 320 enable the realization of highly efficient radio actors, repeaters and gateways for EnOcean ISM-band systems. The modules have several built-in operating modes. In addition a repeater functionality (1 or 2 level) can be activated. Using the Dolphin API library it is possible to write custom software for the module. Both modules are in-system programmable.

Operating Frequency: 868.3MHz (TCM 300/320 RS 786-3211 / 786-3224), 315MHz (TCM 300C RS 786-3215)
Data rate: 125kbps
Modulation: ASK
Integrated 16MHz 8051 microcontroller with 32KB Flash memory and 2KB SRAM
Receiver Sensitivity (at 25°C): –96dBm typical (868MHz), -98dBm typical (315MHz)
Power Supply: +2.6 to +3.3V (TCM 320), +2.6 to +4.5V (TCM 300/300C)
Current Consumption: Receive mode: 33mA typical, Transmit mode: 24mA typical
Pre-installed whip antenna (TCM 320)
External whip or 50Ω antenna (TCM 300/300C)
Features accessible via API:
- Various power down and sleep modes down to 0.2uA current consumption
- Up to 14 x configurable GPIO
- 10-bit ADC, 8-bit DAC
Dimensions: 36.5 x 18 x 5.5mm (TCM 320), 22 x 19 x 3mm (TCM 300/300C)
Operating temperature range: -25 to +85°C
Radio Regulations: R&TTE EN 300 220 (TCM 300/320), IC/FCC CFR-47 Part 15 (TCM 300C)
Applications: Radio actors, repeaters and gateways for communication with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Batteryless Wireless Applications

EnOcean manufacture a range of transmitter and receiver products that operate in the 868MHz area of the ISM band. These devices are typically very efficient in terms of the power supply requirements and are used to send short messages.,The advantages of EnOcean technology are clearly illustrated through applications such as electrical control which eliminates the need for external wired connections and batteries.,Suitable for limitless applications where maintenance free and flexible switching needs to be installed without drilling, cabling and reconstruction costs.,Power in the transmitters is also created for "FREE" using energy harvesting techniques to create energy from the push button switches or solar power for its sensors transmitters.,Radio systems based around EnOcean technology can be formed into star, mesh, or hybrid topology networks, and are a good complement to ZigBee systems, typically in building automation and remote sensor applications.

Kenmerk Waarde
Module Type Transceiver
Supported Frequency Bands 868 MHz
Modulation Technique ASK
Maximum RF Data Rate 125kbit/s
Maximum Output Power +7dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -96dBm
Supported Bus Interfaces UART
Supply Voltage 2.6 → 4.5V
Dimensions 22 x 19 x 3.1mm
Height 3.1mm
Length 22mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +85°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Width 19mm
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