St Robotics 5-Axis Robotic Arm With Vacuum Suction Cup Gripper

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ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Robot Arm

The R17 is a complete self-contained five axis (RS 1242691, 1242692, 1242694 and 1242695) vertically articulated robot arm system designed as a cost effective solution for bench top automation. The hand terminates in a mounting plate to which can be mounted one of ST Robotics low-cost grippers, vacuum pickups or your own device.
R17 is a low-cost entry to robotics, fast, accurate and reliable and easy to program yet capable of the most complex tasks. It has a longer reach of 750 mm therefore a larger and more useful workspace is possible. It is lighter, faster and quieter, using high efficiency digital motors driving through steel reinforced polyurethane timing belts. Optional incremental optical encoders provide exceptional integrity and safety.
The R17 robot arm is a professional tool made to industrial standards of quality, reliability and performance. The system is supplied complete with controller, all cables, connectors, software, comprehensive manuals, ready to unpack and use immediately.
The R17 uses lightweight, high speed, high efficiency hybrid stepping motors ideal for low speed precision when required. The encoders monitor the motion of the robot and stop the motion when there is a collision. ROBOFORTH II embedded software allows for easy programming of complex motions, interfaces and peripherals. ROBWIN project manager brings everything together on one Windows screen.

Sixth Axis

The sixth axis is entirely optional as opposed to being a part of the design. Using a small motor and gearbox it is accurate and tough. Programming is an extension to the Cartesian functions of RoboForth. The system can ensure the end effector points in the same direction as the robot moves around, or indeed in any direction you choose.


As standard, the robot terminates in a mounting flange however there are many grippers available including electric, pneumatic, vacuum, and so on.

R17HPL (High Pay Load, RS 1242696 and 1242697) robot uses 4 stack motors for extra lifting ability. The R17HS (High Speed, RS 1242699, 1242699, 1242700 and 1242701) robot uses 3 advanced servomotors on axes 1, 2 and 3 with 2-stack stepping motors on axes 4 and 5. The R17HSW (High Speed Waist, RS 1242702, 1242703, 1242704 and 1242705) robot is a compromise between the 2 since many applications do not need much vertical speed. They do however have long X-Y distances requiring long waist moves.

Features and Benefits

• 750 mm reach 5 axis articulated format
• Easy mounting of tools, grippers or sensors
• Fully enclosed (wiring goes through the arm)
• Optional incremental encoder watchdogs
• Simple intuitive teach pad
• User-friendly software
• Input/output interfacing
• Non-volatile memory
• Complete with controller, software, on-screen manuals and cables
• Optional pneumatic or electric grippers, vacuum pickup and tool changers
• Optional linear track, I/O expansion, bluetooth teachpad and TCP/IP

Product Application Information

Applications include product testing, sample handling, parts handling, machine feeding, welding, spraying, sound measurement and many more.

ST Robotics


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Kenmerk Waarde
Number of Axis 5
Maximum Payload 2kg
Maximum Reach 750mm
Maximum Speed 0.8m/s
Positional Repeatability 0.2mm
Gripper Type Vacuum
End Effector Suction Cup
Supply Voltage 110 / 240V ac
Weight 22.5kg
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Aantal stuks
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€ 20.240,07
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