Schneider Electric 47 A Soft Starter ATS48 Series, IP20, 22 kW, 230 → 415 V

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Schneider Electric Soft Starters - Altistart 48 Series

Created and designed to operate as a torque limiter on starting, or as a soft start or soft stop unit for three-phase, squirrel cage asynchronous motors. This range of soft starters are controllers with 6 thyristor that enhances the starting performance of asynchronous motors through allowing them to start smoothly, gradually and in a controlled manner. They are compact and easy to install, the Altistart 48 series can be mounted side by side.

Providing machine and motor protection, the Altistart 48 series also offers users functions for communicating and control systems. The soft starter has high-performance algorithms which significantly contribute to its ruggedness, safety and ease of installation and set-up.

Features & Benefits

• Cost-effective solution through the reduction of mechanical stress and improving the availability of the machine
Drive performance functions - constant control of torque, supplied to the motor during acceleration and deceleration which reduced pressure surges. Users can adjust the ramp and starting torque, the starter can be bypassed using a contactor at the end of the starting period whilst maintaining electronic protection. The drive performance functions offer wide frequency tolerance for generator set power supplies and the starter can also be connected to the motor delta terminals in series with each winding
Machine and motor protection functions - built-in motor thermal protection, processing of information from PTC thermal probes and monitoring of start time. This range of starters also has a motor preheating function and protection against underloads and over currents during continuous operation
Integrated functions that facilitate the interaction of the unit into control systems
• Prevents mechanical shocks
• Reduces wear and tear
• Reduces the amount of maintenance work
• Reduces production town time which in turn keeps production level up
• The Altistart 48 is factory-set for the most common operating conditions

Schneider Electric Soft Starter - ATS48D47Q

• Forms part of the Altistart 48 series
• Created and designed to be used with asynchronous motors
• Predominantly used in applications that feature pumping and ventilation machines alongside severs and standard applications
• The power supply voltage is 230...415 V (-15...10%)
• Utilisation category - AC-53A
• Features an IP rating of IP20, this soft start is protected against a large part of the body such as a hand (but no protection from deliberate access); from solid objects greater than 50mm in diameter but has no protection against moisture
• Starts with torque control (current limited to 5 In)

Kenmerk Waarde
Phase 3
Supply Voltage 230 → 415 V
Current Rating 47 A
Voltage Rating 415 V
Control Voltage 220 → 415 V
Power Rating 22 kW
IP Rating IP20
Overall Length 190mm
Overall Width 160mm
Overall Depth 275mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
Series ATS48
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