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Matrix Technology Solutions Flowcode 7 Professional for 32-bit PIC User Licence Software

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Flowcode 7 Professional Software

Professional Flowcode Licences
This licence gives you Flowcode 7 Professional which is rich in features; including all communications, DSP and mechatronic capabilities. A professional licence is required if you wish to use Flowcode code in commercial products or in a commercial environment. However, if you do not require these, the Standard licence gives you a tool with limited features and without the commercial rights.

What is Flowcode 7?
Flowcode 7 is the latest programming software from Matrix Technology Solutions. It is a flowchart-style programming tool which enables you to create complex electronic and electromechanical systems. The tool utilises graphics in place of complex coding, meaning it is ideal for both beginners and experienced engineers. Flowcode 7 software is straight forward and easy to use, meaning you can develop your ideas in no time.

Features and Benefits
Graphics-based programming tool
Quick and easy to use
Ideal for testing & debugging electronic systems
Microcontroller flexibility

Device Compatibility
Flowcode 7 works alongside your PIC devices, Atmel AVR, Arduino or ARM-based devices. It can also be used with the Matrix E-block boards. Each piece of software is designed for a specific device as follows:
FC7326 (1225377) = 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers
FC7827 (1225378) = 16-bit PIC Microcontrollers
FC7076 (1225379) = 32-bit PIC Microcontrollers
FC7754 (1225380) = Atmel AVR & Arduino
FC7085 (1225381) = ARM


After purchasing your licence, you receive a unique licence key and download instructions.

Flowcode 7 Software

Type of SoftwareUser Licence
Software NameFlowcode 7 Professional for 32-bit PIC