RS PRO 20W Monocrystalline solar panel

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* An inverter is required to power or charge 240Vac appliances - not included (RS 905-4532)
***Cell performance warranty states that at 20 years the cell output will be no less than 80% of new performance values – i.e the cell degradation rate will be no greater than 20% in 20 years

From RS Pro, this 12V solar panel set is the ideal solution to power devices with solar energy, and can be used as an addition or backup to your home energy system, or as a staple of off-grid power supply.

The monocrystalline solar panels ensure a high degree of energy transfer efficiency, with bypass diodes to minimize the effects of shadows. The 20 watt panels provids a continuous trickle feed, maintaining and extending the life of any 12 volt battery. You can trust these panels to deliver maximum power to meet the needs of high power consumption devices.

The monocrystalline panels have a light-weight and space saving design, with a anodized aluminium frame for secure and convenient installation. They are durable and waterproof, making them ideal for both portable and more permanent installations.

This kit contains five 20W solar panels.

Features and Benefits

• High efficiency crystalline solar cells for “all weather” charging
• Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use and long service life
• Modules are designed in accordance with IEC61215:1993
• Waterproof junction box and terminals for quick and easy connection
• Battery Overcharge Protection
• Proven material and tempered front glass


The 20W Solar Panel Kit is ideal for use in caravans or motor homes where the time spent away from a mains hook up is no more than 4 days. They are also useful for charging consumer appliances such as;

• Mobile phones
• Electric toothbrushes
• Digital cameras
• Powering electric gates
• Garden pond pumps
• Televisions

Additional Equipment

• The 10Ah (STCC10) (RS 905-4532) Charge controller (sold separately) should be used with this kit to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse current drain
• An inverter (sold separately) is required to power or charge 240 Vac appliances (RS 905-4532)


• 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty
• Cell performance warranty states that at 20 years the cell output will be no less than 80% of new performance values – i.e the cell degradation rate will be no greater than 20% in 20 years

What is the Difference between Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Panels?

Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline are solar cells that are made from crystalline silicon. Though both are similar, the more expensive mono solar panels are generally regarded to have higher efficiency and longer life than their poly panel counterparts.

Why Go Solar?

Solar “photovoltaic” panels use the power of the sun to generate electricity and can be used in a variety of applications from calculators to home appliances.

Solar panels provide power through batteries at off grid and isolated locations and are widely used in critical telecommunications and telemetry applications. Solar panels enable rapid installation of equipment at remote sites, either temporary or permanent, avoiding the costs and inconvenience of grid connection. They are designed for very low maintenance and longevity.

How Much power?

The daily power production of a solar panel can be calculated by multiplying the panel’s peak power rating by between 0.5 and 6 depending on the time of year, angle and location. For example; an 80Watt solar panel produces a peak current of 4.55A.

How Should I Install My Solar Panel System?

Solar power panels are usually installed at a 55-65° angle for optimal wintertime performance. For a year round power supply solar panels can be combined with wind chargers.

Solar modules can be connected in parallel to increase power and in series to increase voltage.

To complete the system, deep cycle batteries, a voltage regulator and electrical cables are required. A range of convenient mounting kits are available for pole or wall mounting.

Grid Connect Kits

Solar Energy Kits to supply grid connected electricity, offsetting electricity used are available through Product Plus. These roof mount type systems start at less than 8 square metres for 1kW.

Why RS Pro?

RS Pro aims to be your trusted brand of choice when it comes to solar power hardware and accessories. We source and test high quality equipment to bring you a versatile range of alternative energy options you can rely on. From dependable energy support in leisure activities, to more ambitious off-grid installations, RS Pro is there to support you.

Kenmerk Waarde
Power Rating 20W
Open Circuit Voltage 22V
Battery Bank Capacity 10Ah
Peak Power 120W
Type Monocrystalline
Efficiency 17%
Dimensions 638 x 278 x 25mm
Depth 25mm
Length 638mm
Maximum Temperature +85°C
Minimum Temperature -40°C
Width 278mm
Protection Type Battery Overcharge
Terminal Contact Type Ring
Mounting Style Surface Mount
Standards Met CE, IEC 61215, IEC 61215:1993, IEC 61710 (Salt Mist Corrosion Test), ISO 9001 (2008), TUV
36 op voorraad - levertijd is 2 werkdag(en).
Prijs Each (In a Pack of 5)
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
Per pak*
5 +
€ 55,94
€ 279,70
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