Ersa Soldering Iron Infrared Heating Plate for use with i-CON C Workbench Family

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Hybrid Rework System HR100A

The new HR 100 uses ERSA's revolutionary and patented Hybrid Rework Technology for safe removal and replacement of small SMDs in a lead-free environment. Safe, medium wave IR- radiation combined with a gentle hot air stream provides optimal energy transfer to the component.

This Hybrid soldering station delivers smooth and equal heat to lead-free components sizing from 0201s to 20 x 20 mm SMD and even larger. Heating power of 200 W provides a safe connection to components as well as protecting nearby areas from blowing away adjacent chips.

Who is ERSA Soldering for?

ERSA Soldering guarantees user friendly operation even for first timers. It allows you to handle the HR 100 safely and quickly. By using the HR/IRHP 100 air volume and heating power levels can be set, it will also allow you to run and record profiles.

What is on the handle?

ERSA's ergonomically designed handle contains a positioning laser which helps the operator to balance heat accurately throughout the whole process.

What are the benefits of ERSA Soldering station?

The HR 100 has been designed to be used with the IRHP 100, an 800 W IR- heating plate. This complete set provides a powerful and safe IR bottom side heating, as well as a Z-axis tool, stand for the Hybrid Tool and X-Y PCB board holder. The K- Type thermocouple included monitors PCB temperature and even allows for a closed loop soldering process with ramp profiles.

Features for HR 100 module:

• Hybrid Tool with 200 W heating element, positioning laser in the Hybrid Tool handle
• Three exchangeable Hybrid Adoptors ( 6 x 6 mm, 10 x 10 mm and 20 x 20 mm )
• Low noise Rework Blower (below 40db)
• Integrated vacuum pump and VacPen
• Tool holder and K-Typ TC input socket
• USB interface
• LED-display
• Turn and Push control

Base station HR100A

• Temperature range: 30 to 550°C
• Vacuum: -0.2 to -0.4 bar
• Heating output: 200 W

Heating plate IRHP100A

• Voltage: 220 - 240 VAC
• Heating output: 800 W
• Dimensions: 53.5 x 200 x 260 mm

This HR/IDHP 100 fulfils all needs of a modern Rework System providing flexibility at the lowest cost.


Please be aware solder wire is not included with this Soldering Station. Why not try RS brand Solder wire? 756-8884

Rework - ERSA

Kenmerk Waarde
Type Infrared Heating Plate
For Use With I-CON C Workbench Family
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