Weller LT 1 0.25 mm Straight Conical Soldering Iron Tip for use with WP80, WSP80

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Weller LT Series Soldering Tips

Introducing the Wellers range of LT soldering tips are designed to be used with Wellers MLR 80, WSP 80, MPR 80 range of soldering irons. The LT series offers a range of tip shapes and sizes including chisel, conical and hoof as well as both straight and bent variants. Featuring tip sizes from 0.2 - 4.6mm, the LT series has a tip for almost any job and with the addition of the 0.2mm iron coating, the LT series has a long and reliable service life. Weller soldering iron tips are designed with latest industry developments in mind and are developed and tested at Wellers Research and Development Centre in Germany. LT tips are suitable for use with WP80; WSP80; MPR80; FE 75; TCP Soldering Iron; LR21; and MLR 21.LT Series Soldering Tips are available in a number of size and shapes options to choose from: LT-1S Straight Conical 0.2mm - 292-1965 LT-1L Straight Conical 0.2mm - 361-0739 LT-1LX Bent Conical 0.2mm - 361-0751 LT-1 Straight Conical 0.25 mm - 518-6171 LT-1X Bent Conical 0.4mm - 361-0767 LT-1SLX Bent Conical 0.4mm - 361-0773 LT-S Straight Conical 0.4mm - 389-3057 LT-H Straight Chisel 0.8mm - 292-2047 LT HX Bent Chisel 0.8mm - 482-4535 LT-4X Bent Chisel 1.2mm - 361-0795 LT-K Straight Chisel 1.2mm - 292-2053 LT 4 Straight Hoof 1.2 mm- 624-6460 LT-A Straight Chisel 1.6mm - 292-1971 LT AS Straight Conical1.6mm - 292-1987 LT-AX Bent Chisel 1.6mm - 361-0789 LT-L Straight Chisel 2mm - 361-0717 SMD LT-GW Straight Hoof 2.3mm - 292-2031 LT BX Bent Chisel 2.4mm - 482-4507 LT-B Straight Chisel 2.4mm - 277-8266 LT BB Straight Knife 2.4mm - 653-1465 LT CC Straight Hoof 3.2mm - 653-1471 LT CS Straight Conical 3.2mm - 292-2019 LT-C Straight Chisel 3.2mm - 292-2003 LT-M Straight Chisel 3.2mm - 361-0723 LT D Straight Chisel 4.6mm - 509-6517

Features and Benefits:

Designed for universal applications Universal SMT & THT jobs A wide range of low-cost tips Solid copper plated with iron for maximum durability and long life

Typical Applications:

Soldering is the process used to build a soldering connection by using the heated tip of a soldering iron to melt soldering wire. The soldering tips are available in many different sizes and tip shapes, dependant on the application they are being used for. They are used to melt solder wire to connect two elements or components together to create a permanent connection and are often utilised in an electronics or manufacturing capacity as they often need to be conductive. The process of soldering is most commonly used by: DIY enthusiasts Plumbers Electricians Vehicle techniciansSoldering is often used for: General wiring applications Electrical repair work at home, in factories or for vehicles


How long do soldering iron tips last for?If high-quality iron tips are used, they can last for years with the proper care and cleaning. How to recognise genuine Weller soldering tips? By the laser engraving on shaft of the tip and by the Genuine Weller sticker on the packaging


Kenmerk Waarde
Model Number LT 1
Tip Shape Straight Conical
For Use With WP 80, WSP 80, WXP 80
Tip Size 0.25 mm
Tip Series LT
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