Weller WT1 Soldering Station, 230V

  • RS-stocknr. 122-7912
  • Fabrikantnummer T0053434399N
  • Fabrikant Weller
Wetgeving en compliance
Land van herkomst: MX

Weller WT 1 / WT 1H Soldering Stations

Introducing the series of professional Weller WT Soldering Stations that have been designed to be compact enough to fit in your hand and be stacked on top of each other, but versatile and powerful enough to tackle all kinds of soldering jobs. Fully compatible with WT, WSD and WD soldering irons allow for integration with 1000+ types of accessories. Its detailed liquid crystal display gives an unprecedented overview of all functions, which are quick and easy to reach via the new user-friendly menu button. WT series Soldering stations are available in two power output options:
WT 1 - 1-channel, 90 W, 1.9 kg - 122-7912
WT 1H - 1-channel, 150 W, 3 kg - 122-7913

Features and Benefits:

• The heating element has quick change functionality that enables you to use the soldering iron station with a wide range of different soldering tip types. • This soldering station is suitable for use with a wide range of WT series soldering irons, soldering tweezers and fume extraction units. This unit also has backwards compatibility with Weller WSD and WD series tools, enabling it to be used with 1000 different tool and tip combinations.
• WT1 control units can be stacked on each other (and on WT1 H and WTHA 1 soldering stations). This is a great way of saving space on your workbench. The housing cover on the unit can also be used for storage.
• An integrated sensor alerts the control unit when a soldering iron is not in use. This automatically switches the soldering station into a power saving mode.
• The WT 1 station supports tools with operating temperatures from +50 °C up to +550 °C. This gives it a great deal of flexibility.
• The soldering station has a front-mounted mains switch which is easy to access.
• This soldering iron station has a backlit LCD display. You can alter the brightness of the screen, making it perfect for all environments. The screen gives you information on all of the functions of the soldering iron or equipment being used and allows you to easily monitor the output power supplied to the soldering iron. The menu displayed on the screen has a clear and easy to follow menu making it simple to set up the soldering station to your requirements.
• Temperature accuracy to ±9 °C.
• Features OFF time, lock function and process window.
• Supplied with Type G UK plug and Type F Schuko plug.

Typical Applications:

Soldering Stations are used to work and rework solder in all manner of applications, particularly in repairing or building PCB circuit boards with SMD and through-hole components. They are commonly used in electronic prototyping and production, and any application where a circuit board component might have to be removed or adjusted. Soldering Stations are often used by: • Engineers
• Electricians
• Metalworkers
• Jewellers
• Home inventors


What soldering irons can I use with these stations? The Weller WT series Soldering Stations are fully compatible with WT series soldering irons. Also, they are fully back-compatible with WSD & WD series, soldering irons enabling it to be used with 1000+ different tool and tip combinations.
Does it display in Centigrade or Fahrenheit?
This solder station enables you to change between Centigrade (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F). It also has a temperature calibration function.
What plug does it have?
This soldering station is supplied with both UK and EURO plugs.
How fast does it heat up?
This soldering iron heats up extremely fast. It can be used immediately.
What language does interface operate in?
Within the menu navigation, you are able to make your choice of language.
How big is this unit?
Dimensions of the soldering station are:
Width – 149 mm
Depth – 138 mm
Height – 101 mm

Soldering - Weller

Kenmerk Waarde
Model Number WT 1
Plug Type Type F - Schuko plug, Type G - British 3-pin
Tasks Supported Soldering
Wattage 90W
Input Voltage 230V
Soldering Tip Temperature 550°C
Output Power 90W
Maximum Operating Temperature 450°C
Number of Outputs 1
Display Type LCD
ESD Safe Yes
8 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en) (EU-voorraad)
42 op voorraad - levertijd is 2 werkdag(en) (UK-voorraad)
Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 +
€ 211,00
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