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RS PRO Tachometer, Best Accuracy ±0.05 % , With RS Cal Contact, Optical LCD 19999 (Contact Tachometer) rpm, 99999

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RS Pro Single Memory Optical Tachometer

This professional tachometer (digital rotary measuring instrument) from RS PRO offers the latest technologies in a robust and durable housing and allows for fast and accurate measurements of rotational and linear speeds. It features an integrated optical transmitter and receiver at the top of the unit and a mechanical contact assembly at the base. The 5-digit LCD automatically inverts when switched from optical to contact so that the display is always the right way up when viewed. It can be used as both an optical tachometer to measure rotations and also a contact tachometer reader to measure rotational speed, RPM, linear speed and distance. The ergonomically designed body makes it a comfortable device to use at any location. The Laser Light Tachometer is a must-have device for any operator working in close distance to high-risk machines or where the access is restricted.

Features and Benefits:

• Long laser detecting distance up to 2m
• Microprocessor based circuit, crystal time base, high precision with 0.05% accuracy
• Wide measuring range from 0.5 to 100,000 RPM
• Clear and easy to read 5-digit LCD display with a memory function
• Direct RPM reading function
• Supplied with a selection of accessories and durable ABS carrying case
• Calibration Certificate (supplied with a calibrated versions only)
• Surface Speed Units: m/min & ft/min
• 3 Years warranty

Typical applications:

This tool is just as important in the implementation and day to day operations of machinery and systems as it is for maintenance and would also benefit research and development laboratories. Tachometers are typically used for measuring e.g:

• The speed of rotating equipment such as motors, turbines, fans, wheel, shafts, rollers
• Travelling speed of belts and conveyors
• Length of long products such as wire, fibre, steel, wood, etc.
• The speed of travel and length of sheet products such a films and foils


Is this tachometer supplied with a battery?

No, the tachometer is not supplied with batteries. It requires 4 x AA batteries e.g. 7442199

How does an optical sensor work?

The tachometer's optical sensor uses a beam of laser light to measure the speed of rotation of the wheel or shaft. It measures differences in frequency of the reflected light.

How does contact tachometer work?

The contact tachometer's integral spinning wheel sensor has to be placed directly on the rotating shaft or disc then tachometer measures pulses and converts them into RPM, linear speed or distance units.

What do I get in a set? 

The Tachometer is supplied with:
• Carrying Case
• Reflective Tape Marks
• RPM adapters (Cone & Funnel)
• Surface Speed Test Wheel
• Manual

Best Accuracy±0.05 %
CategoryContact, Optical
Battery Type1.5 V AA
Display TypeLCD
Dimensions65 x 38 x 215mm
Maximum Operating Temperature+50°C
Maximum Speed19999 (Contact Tachometer) rpm, 99999 (Photo Tachometer) rpm
Minimum Operating Temperature0°C
Minimum Speed0.5 (Contact Tachometer) rpm, 5 (Photo Tachometer) rpm
Model Number pDT-2236