Electrolube Epoxy Surface Mount Adhesive, 30 (90 °C) min, 4 (120 °C) min Cure, 10 ml Syringe

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  • Fabrikantnummer SMA10SL
  • Fabrikant Electrolube
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Electrolube Surface Mount Adhesive 10 ml Syringe

Introducing the surface mount adhesive 10 ml syringe from Electrolube, a 1-part heat curable thixotropic adhesive ideal for creating a secure bond with a range of applications. The SMA10SL features high "green strength" that prevents components from moving during handling and before curing, creating a strong and reliable bond. The SMA10SL offers a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +130°C, making it perfect for use with surface mount assemblies. Once cured, the surface mount adhesive from Electrolube remains flexible yet strong, ensuring components are not stressed and remain securely in place.

Features and benefits

• Wide operating range of -40°C to +130°C, making it ideal for use with a variety of applications
• Excellent bond and adhesion strength, eliminating the need for welding techniques
• Excellent thermal conductivity even at high temperatures
• Strong yet flexible cure process, ensuring components remain firmly in place without stress
• 1-part heat curable thixotropic adhesive that is ready and easy to use
• High "green strength" adhesive, ensuring components remain in place during application
• Hardness (shore) 85
• Dielectric constant 3.5 @ 1 kHz
• Resistant to PCB cleaning solvents


Thermal adhesives are a type of thermally conductive adhesive used to secure heat sinks and electronic components. Thermal adhesives are available in a number of mediums such as thermal paste, glue, tape and more. They work by creating a strong bond for heatsinks or electrical parts commonly via a two-part epoxy resin with thermal conductivity capabilities, drawing heat away from a device. Thermal adhesives are used in a variety of industries and applications such as:

• Heat sink bonding
• Potting/encapsulating sensors
• BGA die heat spreader interface
• Chip scale packages
• Power semiconductors

How to apply

Before applying, ensure surfaces are clean and free from grease, dust and contaminants. Apply a small amount to the components to be bonded and leave to cure, following the recommended cure profiles:

• 60 secs @ 150°C
• 3-4 mins @ 120°C
• 30 mins @ 90°C

Can this thermal adhesive be removed?

Thermal adhesives such as grease and pastes can be removed if required using a combination of a thermal adhesive remover (or high concentrate rubbing alcohol) and a lint free micro fibre cloth. Please note special care must be taken when removing thermal compounds and protective clothing must be worn at all times.

What is the maximum operating temperature?

The maximum operating temperature of this thermally conductive sealant is +130°C.

Kenmerk Waarde
Type Thermal Conductive Adhesive
Product Material Epoxy
Package Type Syringe
Package Size 10 ml
Thermal Conductivity 0.25 → 0.3W/m°C
Cure Time 30 Min (90 °C), 40 min (120 °C)
Maximum Operating Temperature +130°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Operating Temperature Range -40 → +130 °C
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