TMSB00000-01 Thermal Fan Controller for use with ebm-papst EC/DC Controllable Fans

  • RS-stocknr. 769-2722
  • Fabrikantnummer TMSB00000-01
  • Fabrikant ebm-papst
Wetgeving en compliance
Land van herkomst: GB

ebm-papst TMS EC/DC Configurable Fan Controller

The ebm-papst TMS is a fan speed controller with alarm functionality providing intelligent control of up to four fans based on the thermal requirements of connected equipment. It is highly configurable and a range of fan types may be used, each fan may be set for a different speed/ temperature profiles with further configurable alarm actions.

The ebm-papst TMS fan speed controller is designed for use with ebm-papst DC compact and centrifugal fans having four wires (PWM speed setting and tachometer output variants) and can also be used with 230V EC fans if a TMS power supply is provided.

Controller for 12, 24 or 48 Vdc ebm-papst fans
Suitable for 1-4 fans
Speed based on individual temperature profiles
Customer configurable by either one or two thermistor inputs
Tachometer / alarm monitoring of all fans with configurable alarm actions
11A max supply for fans powered via the controller PCB
All board connections use plug-in connectors

TMS Controller

The TMS fan controller (769-2722) consists of the board and enclosure and is supplied without any accessories, which can be purchased separately. The user can then configure the TMS for their specific application.

TMS Development Kit

The TMS development kit (769-2732) is intended for evaluation and design purposes and consists of the TMS controller plus a complete kit of accessories designed to encourage experienced engineers to explore the full potential of this Thermal Management System. The result being that this becomes a plug and play option whereby a user has everything they will need to get underway and begin discovering the features quickly. The development kit is built around the TMSB00000-01 but includes the configuration lead (769-2726), two thermistor cables (769-2735) and a cable kit (769-2738) which allows for easy connection as it requires no leads to be constructed in order to begin using the controller.

TMS Cable Set

The TMS cable set (769-2738) consists of a power cable, 4 fan cables, alarm cable and switch input cables providing the required mating connectors for the TMS controller. The other ends are un-terminated to allow the user to connect as required.

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For Use With Ebm-papst EC/DC Controllable Fans
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