Dormer HSS M20 Straight Flute Threading Tap, 112 mm Length

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  • Fabrikantnummer E500-M20/2,50
  • Fabrikant Dormer
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Dormer Series E500 HSS Metric Thread Straight Flute Taps

A range of machine metric straight flute HSS taps from Dormer. The tap bit tolerance class is 6H and features a 2-thread input and a 7 degree cutting angle. These tap bits are recommended for use in both through or blind holes with a depth of up to 2 times diameter.

Threading taps are used to create threads for bolts in materials like metals and plastics. Threading taps work like a drill but due to the unique shape of a tap, when they are screwed into a piece of material, screw threads are created. Taps can be used in machines like drill presses or with hand tools such as a tap wrench.

Features and Benefits:

Material HSS (High Speed Steel) - for high durability and resistance to corrosion
M Machine Tap Straight Flute
Metric thread type
Right handed thread direction – designed to tighten when a head or nut is rotated clockwise
Polished finished

Typical Applications

Taps and dies are used to create screw threads (commonly known as threading). Taps make nuts and a die makes a bolt. Forming threads using a tap is known as tapping, but using a die calls the process threading. Threading taps are used in applications such as:

What is HSS?
An acronym for High-speed steel, HSS is generally the go-to type of steel needed for tap and drill bits due to their excellent heat resistance at high speeds. As a standard drill can spin upwards of around 500 - 700rpm, the friction can cause a substantial build-up of heat. Something which would not be wanted when working with wood and plastic.

What are the different types of threading taps?
The four most popular ones are:

Straight Flute Taps: most commonly used type of tap and suitable for blind or though hole thread production in most materials, mainly steel and cast iron. These collect chips in the straight flutes of the tool.

Spiral Point Taps: suitable for threading through holes. They push chips through holes ahead of the tool.

Spiral Flute Taps: intended primarily for threading blind holes. They pull chips back from the tip of the tool and up and out of the hole.

Forming Taps: produce a thread by pressing the material rather than cutting and no chips are created.

These Dormer taps are Straight Flute Taps.

What is chamfer?
Chamfer is a term that refers to the size of the threads on a tap that taper, allowing for the cutting thread to be gradually enlarged.

What are the different material types available?
HSS: High Speed Steel
HSS-E: High Speed Cobalt
HSS HM: High Speed Steel/Carbide
HSS-E PM: HSS-E Powder Metallurgy Steel

Standard: ISO 529

Rolled Flute Taps

Bright finish fluteless taps; for use on copper, aluminium, magnesium, brass, zinc etc.
Flash chrome finish fluteless taps; for use on steel up to 850N/mm2 tensile strength, free matching and austenitic stainless steel
Made to ISO529 standard for tapping blind and through holes in a wide range of ductile materials
Smooth non-cutting action produces greater thread formed strength, higher life expectancy and increased tapping speeds especially where excessive tension occurs

Kenmerk Waarde
Thread Size M20
Set Type Threading Tap
Type Straight Flute
Pitch 2.5mm
Thread Standard Metric
Thread Direction Right Hand
Number of Pieces 1
Overall Length 112 mm
Hand/Machine Tap Machine Tap
Material HSS
Shank Diameter 14.0 mm
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