United Automation, PFC2 50KVR, Power Factor Switch, 75A, 3.4kg, 250 x 155 x 120mm

Wetgeving en compliance

PFC2 30/50kVAR Power Factor Switches

The PFC2 controllers are suitable for 3-wire, 3-phase floating-star or closed-delta configured capacitive loads for Power Factor Correction and can be used in capacitor banks with or without chokes fitted. They are designed to dramatically reduce the inrush current normally found with contactor-based systems and could be used in situations where rapid changes in Power Factor occur such as welding plants, lifts, cranes and wind-powered plants.

Current rating: 50A (30kVAR), 75A (50kVAR) @ 415Vrms
Input voltage: 415Vrms ±10%
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Control signal input: +8 to +24Vdc, Common 0V or Common +VE, Open Collector or Volt Free Contact
Alarm relay functions: Voltage free alarm relay is rated for 125Vac @ 2A.
LED indicators: Green = DC Power ON, Red = Fault, Orange = Signal enabled, Red/Orange = Capacitors discharging
Cooling fan: +24Vdc (50KVAR model only)
Fan ’switch-on’: 50KVAR units typically +55ºC
Over Temperature: Trip in temperature: +90ºC ±1ºC (Status LED indicator ’flashes’ with ON/OFF rapid pulsing
Trip out temperature: +85ºC ±1ºC
Phase loss detection: Phase loss or Fuse failure orange and red LEDs flash alternately
Status LED Fault condition: Status LED indicator ’flashes’ ON/OFF continuously at 1.5 second intervals
Sensor loss detection: Status LED indicator ’flashes’ ON/OFF continuously in equal intervals
Power cable terminations: Supply and Load16mm² rising clamp terminal block
Earth16mm² rising clamp terminal block
Terminal torque settings: 2.5Nm (16mm²) Power terminals only
Signal cable terminations: Remote supply Auxiliary alarm (relay) 2.5mm² rising clamp terminal block
Control signal 2.5mm² rising clamp terminal block
Environmental Protection: IP20
Fusing 30kVAR: 63ET (63A) High-Speed Semiconductor type fuse, or equivalent
Fusing 50kVAR: 100ET (100A) High-Speed Semiconductor type fuse, or equivalent
Working temperature: +65°C (maximum operational)
Dimensions: 205 x 155 x 120mm
Fixing centres: 4 x 4.5mm-clear keyhole slots on fixing centres 140 x 140mm
Weight: (30kVAR) 3.0kg (50kVAR) 3.4kg

RS Product Codes
919-6220 PFC2 30kVAR
919-6239 PFC2 50kVAR


  • Metal parts, in particular the case may get very hot when the unit is fully operational.
Kenmerk Waarde
Current Rating 75A
Weight 3.4kg
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Dimensions 250 x 155 x 120mm
Fixing Centres 140 x 140mm
Length 250mm
Width 155mm
Height 120mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +65 °C
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