Facom 30 mm Round Drive Click SLS Height Safe Torque Wrench, 20 → 100Nm 9 x 12mm

  • RS-stocknr. 910-3035
  • Fabrikantnummer S.306-100DSLS
  • Fabrikant Facom
Wetgeving en compliance
Land van herkomst: IT

Facom SLS Height Safe Click Torque Wrenches

Introducing the Facom SLS Height Safe Click Torque Wrenches. Theses wrenches offer Class A precision in a heavy duty body. You get reliable performance tested to 50000 cycles with intensive use. The accuracy remains within ISO 6789 tolerances after 5000 cycles. The accurate, tamper-proof Vernier gives you a safe and easy to set system that is error-free. Ergonomic handle has increased length giving you improved torque transfer and accuracy.

Why would you buy these torque wrenches?

Facom height safe torque wrenches are the ideal for engineers working at height or an elevated position. They are durable and built to a high standard with excellent attention to detail. During use, they feel comfortable in the hand and capable of continuous tightening use without the effects of fatigue. The loop at the base of the handle can be clipped to a belt, lanyard or a carabiner.


Individual traction tests are performed on each tool upon ring assembly. A certificate is issued and a unique serial number engraved on the tool. Facom can hence follow up its production to guarantee maximum safety. The unique serial number also ensures that the tool is identified and followed throughout its lifetime.

Features and Benefits

• Tool equipped with a Facom SLS attachment solution, preventing any risk of accidental falls
• The crimped "rotating" cable solution maintains user ergonomics
• Automatically locking torque adjustment, no risk of accidental release
• Factory accuracy of ± 2% except for the R.306-25D at ± 4%
• Reliability of mechanism: 50000 cycles (wrenches up to 200 Nm)
• Use possible with accessories:
• End fitting: 9 x 12 or 14 x 18 mm
• Diameter: 30 mm
• One-way wrenches usable for unscrewing by reversing the bits
• Numbered wrenches supplied with ISO 6789 calibration certificate
• Supplied in a plastic box

SLS Height Safe Tools

To help prevent accidents that affect health and productivity Facom brings you the SLS range of tools. They can withstand twice the weight of the tool and are real-world tested. The metal design can withstand extreme shocks, temperatures and other harsh working conditions.

Product Application

Torque Wrenches are a type of wrenches/drive designed to apply a specific torque to a fastener. Torque wrenches are usually equipped with a ratcheting mechanism allowing for constant work without refitting the wrench after every turn of the bolt. Speciality Torque wrenches are commonly used by professionals such as car mechanics, engineers, builders and serious DIY enthusiasts.


Is this wrench extendable or is it fixed length?

These torque wrenches have fixed lengths.

What is the torque range of these wrenches?

• Torque range: 5-25 Nm; RS stock no: 910-3022
• Torque range: 10- 50 Nm; RS stock no: 910-3026
• Torque range: 70-350 Nm; RS stock no: 910-3032
• Torque range: 20-100 Nm; RS stock no: 910-3035
• Torque range: 40-200 Nm; RS stock no: 910-3038

Kenmerk Waarde
Torque Range 20 → 100Nm
Drive Shape Round
Drive Size 30 mm
Type Click
Overall Length 437 mm
Insert Size 9 x 12mm
Accuracy ±2 %
Scale Graduations 1Nm
Height Safe Yes
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€ 300,37
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