Molex USB 2.0 Male USB C to Male USB A USB Cable, 1m

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Molex USB 2.0 Type C to C and C to A, USB B Cables

Male USB C is one of the latest types of USB connectors, they are popular in smaller devices due to its unique design as it does not matter which way round it is connected. Male USB A is a standard USB interface coupled with a male USB C, perfect for connecting compact portable electronic devices such as cameras and smartphones to a computer or charger.

Features and Benefits

• USB 2.0
• Dual Ended Connectors
• USB C to USB A or C (male to male)
• Fully reversible connection
• Excellent RFI/EMI performance
• Great for charging
• Shielded
• Lengths: 1m
• 480 Mbps
• Black or white

Male USB C to Male USB C Cable Option

RS stock no: 920-9177

Typical Applications:

USB cables are typical components used to provide a connection from computers to peripherals such as keyboards, printers, portable media players, network adapters and pointing devices. They are also used to provide electrical power to portable devices via a wall adapter or computer. There are several types of USB connectors such as:
• Mini USB (A,B,C)
• Micro USB (A,B,C)

How does USB cable work?

The USB cable (Universal Serial Bus) is the easy-to-use, standardised connector that allows for the integration of different types of devices with a computer. A USB cable consists of four wires that are used for transferring separately power and data. A USB cable allows for communication between devices in both directions.

What does IP rating mean for USB cables?

IP (Ingress Protection) is the protection level against the intrusion of water or dust for USB cables. The IP rating is described by two numbers: e.g. IP65 where the first digit stands for SOLIDS and second for LIQUIDS materials. The higher number the higher level of protection.

What USB cable type describes?

USB cable types can be classified into several transfer speed groups:
USB 3.1 – the most recent and the fastest available standard of USB cables. It is capable to transfer up to 10Gbps. Please, bear in mind that USB 3.1 types are not compatible with USB 2.0 or older ports.
USB 3.0 – these cables are able to work up to 5Gbps and are used in many modern devices that require multiple streams of data. USB 3.0 ports are fully backwards compatible which means USB 2.0 cables will be working with them. However, data transfer speed will be limited up to 2.0 standard.
USB 2.0 – one of the most popular USB Cable standards that allow for a transfer speed of 480 Mbps. Most of the devices on the market are compatible with this standard.

What is USB-C?

USB Type C is one of the latest types of USB connector. They are becoming increasingly popular in smaller devices such as smartphones, tablets and slim laptops, due to their compact size. They also offer higher speeds. USB-C connectors are reversible and can be inserted either way - a common frustration with previous USB versions.

Kenmerk Waarde
Connector A Male USB C
Connector B Male USB A
Length 1m
USB Type USB 2.0
Sheath Colour White
Standards Met EIA-364-38, EIA-364-41, QEHS-699000-301
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(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 - 9
€ 7,70
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€ 7,49
25 - 49
€ 7,28
50 - 74
€ 7,10
75 +
€ 6,91
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