Ideal Industries Wire Stripper, 0.1mm → 3.175mm

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Ideal Industries Cable Stripper

The Ideal Industries easy to use coaxial cable stripper has a maximum size of 3.175mm. It has 3 blades, one located on each side of the unit and one at the front for slitting. Blades can be adjusted individually for the type of strip desired, termination or window. This stripper is suitable for use on layered and multi-layered cables, fibreglass insulating wrapped insulation, multi-conductor cable with plastic outer jackets and other similar wire and cables.

Features and Benefits

Typical cable types: RG-174, RG-187
Easy to use
Precision tool for coaxial cable


Common power cords such as S, SO and SJO
Tightly wrapped stranded cable
Shielded twisted pairs

Kenmerk Waarde
Cable Type Coaxial
Minimum Size 0.1mm
Maximum Size 3.175mm
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