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    We provide trolleys and carts for use in various applications such as in retail, offices, warehouses, cleaning, kitchens, medical, hotel and workshops. Trolleys and carts enable the easy movement of large and small components and come in different styles, materials and load capacities. They are available with removable or fixed shelving as well as in folding versions for easy storage.

    Types of Trolleys

    Available are various types of Trolleys & Carts. Panel trolleys are a convenient and easy way to move heavy or hard to lift products. Stock trolleys have a folding top shelf for transporting larger stock items from a warehouse to the shop floor. Order picking trolleys are designed to improve the logistics and productivity within a warehouse. Our range of order picking trolleys have ergonomic handrails and rubber steps, helping to increase safety in one frame. Various cleaning carts are available with different features that enable staff to maintain areas quickly and efficiently. Folding trolleys provide efficient storage by reducing size up to 75%.

     Wheel TypesTo help Trolleys and Carts transport items they are supplied with various wheel types and features.

    Braked Wheels

    Trolleys and Carts with braked wheels add extra safety enabling the trolley and cart to remain in a stationary position when the brake is applied. The brakes on trolleys and carts are normally operated by foot pressure. A simple movement applies the brake by locking the wheels in place and the brake is released easily by the same movement of the foot. The wheels of Trolleys and Carts are also available in various forms and materials from castors, tyres, rubber, smooth, nylon, plastic and rubber.

    Swivel Wheels:

    Designed to rotate 360 degrees enabling you to turn the trolley in all directions.

    Non-Marking Wheels

    These wheels are designed not to leave any markings on the flooring that the trolley is used on.

     Typical Applications

    Trolleys and carts are wheeled transportation units, ideal for moving around multiple items, especially over longer distances within a large building or up multiple floors and takes the effort away for an individual having to complete numerous trips to carry things. There are many different variations of carts and trolleys with different load capacities and sizes, so it is important to ensure that the correct trolley or cart is selected depending on what is being transported to ensure that the load weight is not too heavy. Others are also folding for compact and easy storage, especially within delivery vehicles to assist with loading and unloading. They are a versatile piece of equipment to have available and can generally be used in most environments like:

    • Warehouses
    • Commercial workshops and garages
    • Workshops or garages at home
    • Catering and food industry
    • Schools
    • Shops
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