Packing Tapes & Parcel Tapes

Packing tape or parcel tape, is most commonly used to seal up cardboard boxes, secure packages or used to repair or secure a box or package if necessary. They are ideal to use when packaging up goods for postage or when packing up boxes for moving.

Parcel tape is usually made from polypropylene or polyester, it is a pressure sensitive adhesive used widely in numerous businesses, factories, warehouses, shops and at home.

Packaging tape is available to buy individually, or in a pack of several rolls. Packing tape is ideal in helping to ensure your customer is satisfied with the goods that they receive, and that their parcel or supplies arrive securely and are in pristine condition on delivery.

Packaging tape can be brown (brown tape), transparent or coloured. It comes it a variety of sizes, although most common small core rolls of tape are 19 mm x 33 m, large core tape rolls are 19 mm x 66 m and packaging tape is 50 mm x 66 m. Although many different width (mm) and length (m) tapes are widely available.

The packaging tape can be applied in a variety of ways, manually with a small stationary dispenser, similar to that of Sellotape. With a hand held tape dispenser with a serrated edge to cut the tape at the correct place and prevent it becoming tangled and unnecessarily wasted. Or the packing tape can be applied with automated machinery, in this case low noise tape can be especially effective and ideal when using it for high-speed packaging lines.

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RS-stocknr. 176-9805
FabrikantRS PRO
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Polypropylene 48mm 66m - 0.054mm Clear - 110% - -