Digital Panel Voltmeters

Digital panel voltmeters help you to visually monitor the performance of industrial control machinery. They provide accurate readings for applications that require a precise digital readout of AC or DC voltages.

What are digital panel voltmeters used for?

Digital panel voltmeters are widely used for industrial, laboratory and office service applications. Their compact size makes them perfect for use in high-end consumer electronics and other products that need accurate line monitoring. They are vibration and moisture proof. This allows them to function well in harsh environments. Plug the digital device into any socket outlet and you can instantly read the voltages given.

Types of digital panel voltmeters

Digital panel voltmeters have a number of different parameters such as supply voltage and meter accuracy. Typical mounting options include 12-pin DIPs and traditional bezel mounts. Digital screen options include a range of red, blue or green LED or LCD display units to suit your needs under different lighting conditions. Housings can can be circular, square or rectangular.

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Omschrijving Prijs Current Type Number of Digits Display Type Cutout Height Cutout Width Depth Supply Voltage Digit Height Meter Accuracy Analogue Effect Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Meter Type Approvals
RS-stocknr. 611-7609
FabrikantnummerK3HB-PPB 100/240VAC
€ 533,50
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AC - LED 92mm 45mm - - - ±0.08 % Digits Only -10°C +55°C - -