Safety IO Modules

Safety I/O modules are input/output peripheries for machinery and computers, and are often used in automation environments. They can function as input modules for controller interfaces with the benefits of safety features such as E-Stop and control functions. This allows for safe operation and accurate monitoring of devices. They can also function as safe outputs such as safety relays that behave as switches, for automatic protection in electrical functions.

The RS Components range of safety IO modules contains excellent solutions for machine control and safety, and supplies devices from trusted brands such as Seimens, Schnieder Electric, Allen Bradley and Wieland. With analogue and digital devices available, you'll find a complete range of input and output safety modules to suit your equipment needs.

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Omschrijving Prijs Range Series Type For Use With Supply Voltage Normal State Configuration Number of Inputs Interface Number of Outputs Power Rating Mounting Style Dimensions Terminal Type
RS-stocknr. 812-8954
Fabrikantnummer118707 & ESR5-NE-51-24VAC-DC
€ 146,07
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- ESR5 Output Module ESR5 24 V ac/dc 5NO/NC - - - - DIN Rail 22.5 x 114.5 x 99 mm Screw