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    Sensor Connectivity

    Sensor Connectivity or Sensor Boxes are used in a wide range of industrial applications and provide solutions for connecting, monitoring and controlling multiple technologies such as PLCs, IoT Devices, and many different types of sensor devices.

    What is Sensor Connectivity?

    Sensor Connectivity consists of using Sensor Boxes or Sensor Actuators which can be installed directly onto machines and systems to create a high-performing, passive distribution sensor network that provides a fast-operating, cost-effective process for process control solutions.

    The technology's capabilities allow for the smooth communication of signals to be acquired by the connected machinery. Due to the diverse connection technologies available, RS Components offer versatile connectivity integrations that can be used in multiple applications and under various conditions


    Sensor boxes can be exposed to severe mechanical and thermal influences. This allows them to operate under extreme environments such as:

    • UV radiation
    • Ozone pollution
    • Extreme heat
    • Extreme cold
    • Sudden changes in temperature

    The cabling also needs to sustain strong jet water, various types of oil, vibrations, and shocks, making Sensor Boxes a perfect solution for industry and domestic applications.

    Sensor boxes can connect to a wide range of industrial sensors and sensor technologies, therefore, Sensor Connectivity configurations can also be used in the following industries:

    • Lighting
    • Agriculture
    • Irrigation
    • Water Management
    • Power Generation
    • Security

    Browse the broad range of Sensor Connectivity technology RS Components has to offer and order today for free next day delivery.

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