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    Battery Maintenance

    Regular battery maintenance is essential for a battery to continue to function optimally, as well as extending the battery's performance life through proper care. This is especially the case for lead acid batteries. Lead acid battery maintenance includes checking that the battery fluid or electrolyte levels in each cell are kept at a specific or constant level, which is achieved by topping up the individual battery cells with distilled water. Keeping the battery terminals free from corrosion and debris is also an important part of regular maintenance as it ensures a reliable electrical connection.

    What tools do I need for battery maintenance?

    • For maintaining the water levels in battery cells, there are specially-designed battery fillers with a spout for a precise pouring action. These water fillers enable the exact amount of water to be added to the battery cells without any spillage, which may lead to accidents or damage of other components.
    • For cleaning battery terminals, there are special terminal cleaning brushes that can be used. These brushes have steel wire bristles, which are effective for cleaning corrosion and debris from terminal posts, cable clamps and connections on the battery. Keeping the battery free from corrosion and debris build up ensures that the battery can continue to provide power unimpeded.
    • Some lead acid batteries are heavy to lift so a battery lifting tool can be used. A battery lifter enables the battery to be carried about with a firm grip avoiding any personal injury. Using a battery lifter also ensures the battery is kept level, preventing any battery acid leakage that could cause burn injuries to the handler.
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