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    Speciality Size Batteries

    Speciality size batteries are used as a main power source for your devices. Speciality size batteries are designed to convert chemical energy to electrical energy. These batteries are of non-standard dimensions and are specially tailored to fit devices and equipment that require a specific power source other than a standard 9 V, AA or AAA battery type.

    Speciality size batteries are Non-Rechargeable Batteries, batteries with a range of terminal types such as lead, PCB pin, Polarized tags, Standard and tagged. Our range of batteries are available in different sizes and include leading brands such as Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, SAFT, Tadiran, Varta and RS PRO.

    What are speciality size batteries used for?

    Speciality size batteries are used in electronic devices that require a small, compact source of power. For example, 1/2 AA batteries are used in smaller and specialist electronic devices such as pulse oximeters, while A27 batteries (A size battery) are used in radio frequency equipment such as remote controls for car alarms.

    Popular Speciality Batteries Sizes

    1/2 AA Batteries

    Size of Battery

    A, DD, AA, C, D, N, ½ AA, 2/3 AA, 2/3 A, A23, A27 LiFePO4, MN21… and many more.

    Battery Chemistry types

    • Alkaline
    • Lithium Manganese Dioxide
    • Lithium Thionyl Chloride
    • 1.5 V to 12 V are available


    • System Backups
    • Automotive Electronics
    • Professional Electronics

    When it comes to powering your small electronic devices, A-size batteries are the reliable choice. Designed to deliver long-lasting energy, these miniature batteries are perfect for a wide range of applications, from remote controls to keyless entry systems.

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