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    Audio Cable

    Audio cables are designed for use in applications that require clear audio signal to be carried, for example instruments such as microphones to be connected to a PA system or stereo speakers. Audio cables are available in a wide range of types, lengths, number of strands and capacitances to suit various applications.

    Types of Audio Cables

    There are a wide range of audio cables available, each suited to various applications. Audio cables can be used with several connectors such as jacks, RCA and XLR’s, allowing them to be used in environments such as recording studios, music venues, stage production and more. Depending on the type of application the cable is going to be used in will determine what type of cable is required. At RS you will find a range of high quality audio cable types including:

    • Multicore microphone & instrument cable
    • Single core microphone cable
    • Speaker cable
    • Twisted and multipair installation cable

    Screened and Unscreened Audio Cables

    Audio cables are available as both screened or unscreened, depending on the type of application will determine which is more suitable for your needs. If you are using audio cables in an environment that runs the risk of EMI (electrical magnetic interference), it is recommended to use a screened audio cabled. This will ensure high quality audio with minimal interference from nearby electrical devices. If you require a low cost audio cable for less technical applications, an unscreened cable may be more suitable.

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