Cable Trunking

Cable trunking is an enclosure for managing cabling. It provides both protection and concealment. Cable trunking typically has a square or rectangular cross section with a removable or hinged side. They open to provide easy access to the cabling inside.
Cable trunking is most often made from PVC, but there are other materials available too, in a range of colours.

Where is cable trunking used?
Cable trunking is used in areas that may generate dust or water, which could then effect cables. They also tidy cables away to make things look neater and to allow space for other hardware. You will see cable trunking in most places where there are cables, for example:
• Switchboards
• Workplaces
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Warehouses

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FabrikantnummerPTPS630 WHI
FabrikantMK Electric
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630mm - - Power Pole Trunking White PVC - - - Pinnacle -