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    Sensor & Actuator Cables

    Sensor and Actuator Cables are used in industrial automation and control applications. They are used to communicate across networks and safely deliver data between devices. The pre-assembled cables are often used with proximity sensors, switches and transducers.RS offer an extensive range of high-quality cable assemblies from industry-leading brands including Phoenix Contact, Harting, Molex, Lumberg, Telemecanique and of course RS PRO.**What are sensor cables and actuator cables used for?**The actuator sensor cables are used to transmit data, signals and information from one device to another. They are vital for the safe connection and ensuring equipment and machinery work effectively. The cables are often used in cable harnesses or conduit to protect them from the effects of UV, vibration, chemical exposure abrasion and moisture.Sensor cable constructionOften, sensor cables are used in demanding and harsh industrial environments, therefore the cables must be robust, tough and flexible. Outer sheaths must be durable and resistant, connectors must be secure and tight-fitting. Cables can be IP67 rated for protection from water and dust ingress. also, be shielded for additional protection from EMI.Sheath materials - Cable outer jackets are available in a range of materials including PVC, PUR, TPE, TPU or halogen-free. Depending on where your cable will be used will influence your choice of assembly.Connector types - Sensor connectors can be straight or angled plugs or sockets. Popular sensor connector types include M5, M8, M12 and M23 circular connectors. Connectors have a pole format, with 3P, 4P and 5P being the most commonly utilised.Cable sizes - Sensor actuator cables come in a wide range of sizes. The sizing of the cable is typically quoted in CSA or cross-sectional area.

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