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    3D Printing & Scanning

    With our extensive range of 3D printers, 3D scanners and accessories, we have something to meet every one of your requirements, whether you're creating at home on a small scale or are looking for something that'll withstand regular, heavy-duty use such as in a school or manufacturing.

    We stock 3D printers and 3D scanners from the world's leading suppliers including Ultimaker, MakerBot, CEL, 3D Systems, Zortrax and our high-quality own brand, RS PRO. Accessories include everything from printer filament to software.

    What is 3D printing and scanning?

    3D printing

    3D printing is the process of turning a digital drawing into a 3-dimensional object, layer by layer. It's a quick and affordable way of creating objects that would otherwise need expensive types of machinery to carry out the work, such as a CNC router or injection moulding machine.

    3D scanning

    3D scanning works in a different way to 3D printing. A laser is used to capture the form of an object which is then processed by software contained within the scanner itself. This image can then be used to recreate the object using a 3D printer.

    Where is 3D printing and scanning used?

    From the automotive industry to tooling and aerospace, there are many ways in which 3D printing and scanning can be used effectively. It's particularly good for design, as it enables designers to be able to see their ideas come to life, and make changes quickly and easily at a very low cost.