Soft Starts

A Soft start motor is a device used typically with electrical AC motors.

How do they work?

They work by helping reduce the torque and load in the power up and electrical current surges that are typical with motors during their start-up phase. The soft start only does this temporary however as it is only needed primarily during start-up

Features and benefits:
•Can control multiple phases of power up

•Control of starting toque in machinery

•Motor power ratings ranging up to 700 kW and above

•Inline contactors are not necessary if the machine it is used on is electrically isolated

•Control starting times of the soft start

•Voltage boost functions available to control over toque

•Can be mounted to DIN, panels or simply snap on capabilities

Where might I use one?
•Smaller size cranes

•Automatic doors/gates

•Fans or pumps

•Conveyor belts


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