RF Terminators

RF terminators are devices used to electrically terminate coaxial RF (radio frequency) ports. They are usually placed at the end of the transmission line to prevent an RF signal from being reflected.

RF terminators are designed to match the surge impedance (ratio of current and voltage) of the cable to help minimise signal reflections and power losses. Unused tap ports or coaxial faceplates in a home, for example, can create entry and exit paths, which affect performance.

How do RF terminators work?

RF terminators absorb the electrical energy of the signal as it reaches the cable ends and prevents the signal from being reflected so it doesn’t become noise. They ensure that current flows smoothly from one device to another.

What are RF terminators used for?

RF terminators play a critical role in high-frequency systems and circuits, especially when managing high-power signals. They can also be used to close open terminations that might otherwise allow parasitic signals to enter the circuit, such as at a T-junction.

RF terminators are available in many form factors with power ratings to match their sizes.

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Omschrijving Prijs Interface Type Gender Body Orientation Mounting Type Impedance Body Plating Cable Type Operating Frequency Average Power Rating Low Power Contact Material Contact Plating Termination Method
RS-stocknr. 164-9077
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 12,74
Each (In a Box of 50)
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BNC Male Straight Cable Mount 75Ω Gold - 0 → 1GHz - - Brass Gold -
RS-stocknr. 179-2541
€ 59,30
Aantal stuks
- Male Straight - 50Ω Nickel - 4GHz 2W - Beryllium Copper Gold over Nickel -
RS-stocknr. 700-9650
€ 2,38
Aantal stuks
- - Right Angle PCB Mount - Gold over Nickel RG174/U, RG188 A/U, RG316/U - - - Copper Gold over Nickel -
RS-stocknr. 712-2936
€ 42,78
Aantal stuks
BNC Female Straight - 50Ω - - 0 → 4GHz 1W - - - -
RS-stocknr. 131-246
€ 4,56
Aantal stuks
BNC Male Straight - 50Ω - - - 1W - Brass Gold -
RS-stocknr. 163-8325
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 0,682
Each (In a Bag of 1000)
Aantal stuks
BNC Plug to BNC Socket - - Panel Mount - - - - - - Brass Silver -
RS-stocknr. 716-5003
FabrikantHuber & Suhner
€ 22,42
Aantal stuks
BNC Male Straight - 75Ω White Bronze - 0 → 1GHz 0.4W Yes Brass Gold over Nickel -
RS-stocknr. 2509270983
€ 5,17
Aantal stuks
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS-stocknr. 2508604666
FabrikantQuest Technology
€ 1,62
Aantal stuks
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
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