Parts Washers

A convenient, safe and economical way to ensure parts are clean and fit for use, a parts washing station is the perfect and professional solution when productivity is key. The ergonomic design and specific application design means that user can work efficiently and safely with a reliable and clean output. When buying a parts washer, ensure to consider the size of parts the station is required to wash along with the water capacity for any submersion.

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Omschrijving Prijs Capacity Depth Flow Rate Heater Rating Height Kit Includes Maximum Load Model Number Operating Temperature Weight Width
RS-stocknr. 746-8260
€ 4.040,41
Aantal stuks
800L 952mm 900L/h 1kW 1.067m Flexible Tap, Flow Through Brush, Temperature Sensor 100kg PC 100 M2 +38°C 44kg 1.181m