Soap Dispensers

For health and hygiene in the workplace, soap dispensers are essential. Whether minimising germ and bacteria spread in office environments, or providing wash-up for greasy or oily hands in workshop environments, wall mounted push button soap dispensers are the most convenient and economical solution.

How Do Soap Dispensers Work?

Loaded with a convenient refill cartridge, a wall mounted soap dispenser delivers a measure of soap when activated by either a sensor or manually push a button.

Automatic or Manual?

While manual soap dispensers present a cost effective and low maintenance hygiene solution, automatic, or ’touch free’ soap dispensers, have advantages in that they do not need to be touched by hands, and so reduce the potential spread of bacteria.


The RS Range includes soap dispensers that have antibacterial treated surfaces that further reduce the spread of bacteria from everyday interaction. For work conditions where bacteria control is a concern, such as in the food industry or medical environments, these specially treated soap dispensers are ideal.

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Omschrijving Prijs Cartridge Size Compatible Cartridges Anti-Bacterial Colour Trade Name Range Wall Mounted Material Length Width Height
RS-stocknr. 780-0093
FabrikantKimberly Clark
€ 30,49
Aantal stuks
1L Aquarius, Kimcare, Kleenex - White - Aquarius Yes Plastic 250mm 120mm 130mm
RS-stocknr. 181-6558
FabrikantKimberly Clark
€ 30,90
Aantal stuks
1L - - Black - Aquarius - Plastic 235mm 116mm 114mm