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    Enclosed ashtrays, also known as cigarette bins, are fire-safe bins installed in outdoor spaces for the safe and secure disposal of cigarette butts and ash. Ashtrays should be placed in smoking shelters, designated smoking areas, or in public spaces to reduce the risk of fire and to prevent litter caused by discarded tobacco products. Sourced from leading brands such as Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Unicorn Containers and RS PRO, our range includes products in various sizes and styles so you can choose your ideal solution for your business.

    Why install ashtrays?

    Smoking is prohibited inside public buildings and workplaces, meaning employees, customers or visitors must go outside to smoke. Outdoor ashtrays give smokers a safe and secure way to dispose of the ash and cigarette butts produced after smoking. They are designed to be durable and withstand all weather and are easily emptied, ensuring the waste can be disposed of safely. Lockable ashtrays are also popular, as they are discreet and ensure the waste cannot be tampered with before disposal.

    What types of outdoor ashtrays are there?

    Typically, outdoor ashtrays can be found in one of the three following styles:Base Mounted - these standing ashtrays are secured to the floor for long-term installation.

    • Free Standing - free-standing ashtrays are not secured to the floor and are most commonly used for short-term installation, such as during events.
    • Wall Mounted - discreet and out of the way, wall-mounted ashtrays are commonly used in spaces with lots of foot traffic, such as near entrances to buildings.

    What are outdoor ashtrays made of?

    Outdoor ashtrays are most commonly made of metals such as steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium, but can also be made of strong plastics, depending on the style of the ashtray.

    Where are outdoor ashtrays used?

    Since indoor smoking was banned, outdoor ashtrays have become increasingly commonplace in public spaces. They can typically be found in any commercial or industrial environment where it is safe to smoke, such as in designated outdoor areas like pub gardens, on factory premises away from safety hazards or fire risks, at hospitality and entertainment event spaces, and can even be easily installed outdoors at home.

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