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    Fuse Pullers & Testers

    Fuse pullers and testers are tools used to safely remove and test a wide range of fuses. These robust tools allow you to troubleshoot fuses quickly and efficiently, to identify any potential blown fuses or issues. Fuse pullers and testers are available in a wide range of styles to accommodate various fuse sizes and types including automotive, glass and ferrule fuses.

    Why use fuse pullers and testers?

    Fuse pullers are specifically designed to handle delicate fuses, allowing you to safely remove them without damage. By using standard hand tools, you run the risk of damaging the fuse.

    Fuse testers are perfect for troubleshooting fuses, helping to quickly identify if a fuse has blown or on its way out. May fuse testers also feature adjustable sliders to accommodate varying fuse sizes.

    Combination fuse puller and tester tools feature the best of both, allowing you to quickly remove fuses and test them. These tools provide a great all in one fuse troubleshooting solution and can be used in a range of applications.

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