A dehumidifier is a device used to reduce the humidity level in the air. Smaller scale dehumidifiers commonly used in homes are compact and discreet. In a commercial setting, you may find larger appliances are built for more heavy-duty air control.

What does a dehumidifier do?
A dehumidifier helps you control and reduce air humidity in your home by collecting all the water vapour in the air from common activities such as cooking or using the shower. It works by extracting the water vapour in the air and storing it in its container for later disposal. In larger scale commercial operations, a dehumidifier may be used to control areas with high temperatures from machinery.

Why would you need one?
The health benefits of reducing the humidity levels help fight off the growth of mould and bacteria that can be the cause of many respiratory problems. It also creates a humidity level that most people find comfortable, which may help aid in sleep. Damp air also causes damage to walls, ceilings and building materials therefore use of a dehumidifier can help fight against this.

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RS-stocknr. 815-7551
Fabrikantnummer658655 - DHUM 20 E
€ 568,65
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20L/day R134A 42dB(A) 2L Type C - European Plug 480W 365 x 220 x 490mm 490mm 365mm 220mm -
RS-stocknr. 815-7555
Fabrikantnummer658656 - DHUM 30 E
€ 715,00
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30L/day R410A 46dB(A) 7L Type C - European Plug 650W 481 x 286 x 628mm 628mm 481mm 286mm -
RS-stocknr. 815-7558
Fabrikantnummer658653 - DHUM 12 E
€ 453,90
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12L/day R134A 40dB(A) 2L Type C - European Plug 260W 365 x 220 x 490mm 490mm 365mm 220mm -