Enclosure hygrostats are electronic devices designed to control the relative air humidity inside enclosures to prevent the formation of condensation in the enclosure.

How do enclosure hygrostats work?

When used with fan filter units and enclosure heaters, the enclosure hygrostat will turn the heater or fan filter on at a pre-set humidity level. This raises the dew point and helps to prevent any malfunction or damage to electronic components and systems that may be caused by corrosion or condensation.

Some devices and systems use a combination of enclosure hygrostats and enclosure thermostats to prevent condensation build-up and ensure the temperature inside the control cabinet is correct.

What are enclosure hygrostats used for?

Enclosure hygrostats are used to maintain critical relative humidity levels in components and systems such as:

  • Telecommunication systems
  • Ticket dispensers
  • Electrical and electronic enclosures
  • Display panels
  • Automatic teller machines (ATM’s)
  • Parking and access control systems

Hygrostats can also be used to control warning lights, cooling fans and other devices.

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