Enclosure Heating Elements

Enclosure heating elements are powerful temperature-limiting compact heaters. They're designed specifically to prevent condensation and ensure a safe minimum operating temperature in small enclosures where electrical, IT or control equipment is in operation.

How do enclosure heating elements work?

Enclosure heating elements are self-regulating and heat up dynamically. Small semiconductor heater elements offer an energy saving solution. They can be screw mounted, DIN mounted or clip fixed within enclosures. To proportionally balance power consumption with surface temperature, enclosure heating elements can be mounted on an aluminium plate.

Why use enclosure heating elements?

Enclosure heating elements safeguard against potential damage from condensation and frost in control and equipment cabinets. A range of self-regulating conduction and convection enclosure heating elements are housed in a compact flat alloy construction, meaning that no thermal cut out or thermostat is required. These conduction and convection heaters are ideal for use in a wide range of applications including electrical enclosures, CCTV camera housing, laboratory equipment and street cabinets.

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