Enclosure Fan Modules

Enclosure fan modules are ventilation devices designed to provide cooling for computers and electronic enclosures in various environments. They are an effective way to cool sensitive electrical equipment.

How do enclosure fan modules work?

Enclosure fan modules significantly increase the energy efficiency and lifespan of equipment because of their cooling effect. Most of them work by providing a large volume of air to ensure the cooling is broadly distributed throughout an enclosure.

Some enclosure fan modules are designed for mounting either inside or outside the enclosure. These fans can be mounted directly to a panel, DIN rail or door of the electronics enclosure.

The main things to consider when choosing enclosure fan modules, are the equipment heat loss figures and the maximum ambient temperature that the components can tolerate. It is also important to know how equipment inside the enclosure cabinet can influence air flow.

What are enclosure fan modules used for?

Enclosure fan modules are mainly used to cool electrical enclosures with components ranging from drivers and starters to circuit breakers and relays.

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