Plate Fans

What is it?
A plate fan is an axial fan with a square or round outlet often within a frame. Fans are mounted into a wall cavity and vent straight to the outside. A gravity shutter or grill is fixed to the outside of the fan. Gravity shutters reduce the ingress of dust and debris preventing damage to the internal parts. The gravity shutter also helps in the prevention back draughts.
What does it do?
A plate fan provides a cost effective and convenient method of generating a high volume of air at low pressure.
Plate fans are used in a wide variety of applications that require the cooling of their electrical and electronic equipment. The most common applications are;
• Air Conditioning
• Kitchens
• Warehouses
• Factories
• Agriculture
• Heat transfer
Plate fans are available in a wide range of speeds, power consumption, noise levels, airflow and dimensions to suit any industrial application.

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Omschrijving Prijs Fan Type Air Flow Fan Speed AC or DC Operation Blade Diameter Direction of Curve Bearing Type Power Consumption Commutation Type Noise Level Maximum Current Supply Voltage Dimensions Depth
RS-stocknr. 124-5278
€ 336,40
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Axial Plate Fan 1450m³/h 1400rpm AC 250mm Forward Ball 90W - 47dB 600mA 230 V ac 340 x 340 x 130mm 130mm
RS-stocknr. 124-5282
€ 574,80
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Axial Plate Fan 7500m³/h 1300rpm AC 500mm Forward Ball 420W - 68dB 1.9A 230 V ac 630 x 630 x 197mm 197mm