UV Light Bulbs

What are UV light bulbs?
UV light bulbs are fluorescent tubes with a dark blue or purple filter to remove other parts of the spectrum and leave just UVA light. UV (ultraviolet) light bulbs are often referred to as black light bulbs, or BLB (blacklight blue) bulbs.

The UVA light produced appears dull and is seen as a dark blue or dark purple colour.

What do UV light bulbs do?
The violet light produced by UV light bulbs illuminates objects that normally can't normally be seen by the human eye.

How are UV light bulbs used?
• In kitchens to detect hard to spot germs or unclean surfaces.
• By the food industry to alert you to germs and contaminants.
• Police and law enforcement use them to assess and analyse crime scenes.
• Many paper currencies have special marks that can only be seen under UVA light. UV light can be used to check for these to determine whether the currency is real or counterfeit.
• UV light bulbs can be used within hospitals to check the sterilisation of equipment and the cleanliness of the environment.
•Authentication of antiques.

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Omschrijving Prijs Wattage Lamp Base Length Lamp Size Voltage Rating Peak Wavelength Life Hours
RS-stocknr. 829-8870
FabrikantnummerSUPRATEC HTC 400-241 230V R7S
€ 46,75
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460 W R7S 104 mm - 230 V - 1000h
RS-stocknr. 829-8886
FabrikantnummerSUPRATEC HTT 150-211
€ 103,89
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165 W R7s 57.6 mm - 230 V - 1000h