Packaging String & Tie Wire

Packaging string is used to secure the exterior wrap of any kind of packaging. It can be used in addition to or instead of packaging tape. There are different types of string available to suit specific packaging needs.

What are the different types of packaging string?

Packaging string differs in weight, length, material and breaking strain. The breaking strain is the amount of weight that, when applied, would cause the string to break. Packaging string can be made from a natural material like cotton or a plastic coated metal wire. Wire is typically supplied with a cutter included so that you can easily cut it to size.

How to choose the right packaging string

To make sure your packaging is secure, choose a string or wire based on the weight of the items being packed. If you are packaging heavy products, remember that the higher the breaking strain (measured in kilograms), the stronger the string and the higher it's resistance to breaking.

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